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within our portfolio of services, will find tourist services from accommodation to transportation rental, what is important for ae colombia travel is to be able to solve the minimum concern for your trips, then we will give you our portfolio of services.

Alternative Tourism

alternative tourism is the innovation that aecolombia travel has for you in services other than common tourism that can be found in a city and carried out at an economic price.

colombia a megadiverse country in flora and fauna and thermal floors, we can highlight every corner of the country.

beaches - deserts - plains - mountains of temperate climate
- snowcapped - amazons.

We can offer you as alternative tourism we have:

free walking tour monserrate
ghost tour historic center bogota
trek national park chingaza
expeditions atlantica coast
- cocuy national park - santanderes
tour sumerce -villa de leyva
among others


If you still do not know where to go and still do not have a place to stay, with aecolombiatravel you can get hostels and cabins of great category and at a good price, within the great alliance that we have at a national level, you can get a speed and effectiveness on the dates who wish to reserve to make their trip.

just ask us


Rental of transport

for more than 4 years as a tourism company, we have a large list of tourism and private transport that we have had the opportunity to work and continue working with them.

within our transport portfolio you will find:

private transport of 2 - 4 passengers
private transport for 7 passengers
private transport for 14 passengers
private transport for 19 passengers tourist
transport up to 40 passengers




National Tourism

Colombia National Tourism with great tourist attractions, we can offer destinations and festivities such as: national:

amazonas - coffee triangle - islands of the rosaries and cartagena - santander festivities:

carnival of barranquilla - fair of cali - festival of comets - festival petronia martinez


Events within the trajectory and experience that we have, we have made parties of great magnitude such as pool partys - chivas -rumberas and bus party

our goal in our events is to hold parties with tourists from around the world
and to make an exchange of culture.

France-England- United States-Spain Australia among other countries can be found at our events.




Guides need a guide? Do they want to go to a place they had never been to or want to explore it? with aecolombiatravel you will be able to do it, since we have certified and professional guides, who will accompany you and guide you with great information to any corner of colombia

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