Ghost Tour

Ghost Tour In Bogotá there are many stories to tell, thats why we want to invite you to a magical bohemian night, walking those streets of its historic center (la candelaria)

But you wonder, what does a ghost tour have to do with the history of Colombia? Well, many gentlemen, because unfortunately in all those fights during the colonial era and until then, many historical characters died massacred and tortured.

Well we do not give more information, it's just that they are encouraged to discover it every Saturday and Sunday


-Duration tour: 2 hours (walking)
- meeting point: Reserved (Will be given when canceling the quota)
-Cost Tour: 45,000 cop x Person -Includes:
-professional guide
-actional stage design
-coordinator #AECOLOMBIA
-One Drink - Entrance to 2 colonial houses
Note: - If you have a Patch of 8 people or more, a Courtesy will be given
- Each tour that takes place, will not have more than 20 people, given that the places are limited.
-The ticket is canceled completely and no money will be received at the beginning of the tour. -We recommend booking in advance.

Policies and Restrictions:

The consumption of hallucinogenic substances and alcoholic beverages is prohibited. We do not take responsibility for lost items during the tour. Always be attentive to the indications of the #AECOLOMBIA and Guides Coordinators to be tolerant with the people of the sector, the private security of the tour. will be responsible. We do not take responsibility for very strong scares. If for reasons of force majeure you can not attend the tour, you will have an opportunity for the next tour, Scheduled by #AECOLOMBIA No refund of money is made


Tour Fantasmitas

In the month of #OCTUBRE the ghost tour brings a special just for children. #TOURFANTASMITASCENTROHISTORICO.

Come and enjoy a magical tour in the historic center of # BOGOTÁ, accompanied by people from our history and some ghosts that you will find. The tour lasts an hour and a half where children will know important places of the historic center and at the end of the tour will be given a ghostly snack in an old and recognized house.

Tour dates: Every Saturday and Sunday (October)
Time: 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Place: When making the reservation you will get the information
Cost for Potato Ball: 30,000 COP Only for children 7 to 12 years old.

Note: The tour is made for children, equally young and adults can participate


- Local professional guides (special for children)

- 2 Coordinators

- 2 entrances to colonial houses

- Acting scenery

-Merienda (little ponquesito)

- Photographic digital album (5000 cop Not included in the ballot)

Limited places!

Important notice: Every child must be accompanied by a legal guardian (Father - Mother - Uncle Elderly)

- The tutors must be very punctual at the end of the tour and they will sign a commitment during the tour.

- The guardian in charge does not pay a ticket, but will not have the right to a snack.

Policies and restrictions:

- The ballot has a validity during the month of October.

-No refund of money is made.

- To make the tour we must have more than 8 children, by not making the tour is scheduled for the next date.

- If it is raining very hard, the tour is canceled.

We wait for you!


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Tour Sumerce

Sumerce Tour is a journey where you will know an unforgettable reality, will tour the most known towns of the department that are:



-Sutamarchan (Land of Don Jediondo)

-Villa de Leyva

-Boyacá Fountain

And For those who like the Gastronomy we will have a lunch of the region of Sutamarchan (chopped).

What's included:

- Transportation

- Travel insurance

- Typical lunch (chopped sutamarchan)

- Custom COORDINATOR (Bilingual)

- Visit and entrance to blue wells

How much does the Trip cost:

....... $85,000 COP per Person / Nationals

....... $95,000 COP per Person / Foreigners

minimum 12 people are needed to make the trip.

Remember to reserve your quota until October 13th.

You can pay with 50% of the total value of the trip

+ information: +57 3135725157 solo Wsp/ 3057878732 only calls

At what time we left:

- 7 am (punctual)

Where they pick us up:

- street 16 with cr 4 (Juan valdes waters)

- car north with street 85 (front station todelar)

Policies and Restrictions:

- # Aecolombia Not responsible of lost objects during the course of their trips.

-When making your reservation and for emergent reasons cancel your Trip, #Aecolombia will discount 30% of the total Subscriber.

- # Aecolombia It will not be answered by the tardiness of the clients.

- # Aecolombia suggests you always follow the guidelines of the Guides




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Tour of the Churches

AECOLOMBA invites you to a wonderful tour where Art, Architecture, History, Myths, Legends that preserve all those churches and museums of the Historical Center.

TOURELIGIOSOBOGOTA It is a tour of more than 3 hours where they will meet 5 of its oldest churches in the Colombian capital. (Ig. San Francisco, Primate Cathedral of Bogotá, Chapel of the Shrine, Ig San Agustin, Shrine Our Lady of Carmen) Santa Clara Museum.

During the tour you will meet some of the live characters of the time and taste with a good ajiaco Santafereño.

The tour will be held every Saturday and Sunday of the month April.

Time: 11 am

Ends: 2.30 pm

Meeting Point: They are informed when they make the reservation.

Price For the tour: 40,000 COP for person.

Note: -The tour is done with a minimum of 6 people

- A courtesy is offered by a group of more than 6 people.

The tour will be done all; Saturdays and Sundays of the month of April.

At 11:00 a.m.

- Duration: 3.5 hours (walking).

- Meeting point: Reserved (It will be given when booking).


-Specialized Professional Guide

-Stage Design

-Coordinator #AECOLOMBIA

ntrance to Museum

Policies and Restrictions:

+The use of hallucinogenic substances and alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

+We do not take responsibility for lost objects during the tour.

+Always be alert to the indications of the Coordinators of #AECOLOMBIA and Guides.

+be tolerant with the people of the sector, the private security of the tour will take care.

Tour 1 can be redeemed only once for any inconvenience by not attending the reservation date.

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Walking Tour Monserrate

Live a unique experience visiting Monserrate from another perspective by the majestic footpath of more than 450 meters of spectacular panoramic distances that are astonished of our beautiful # Bogotá.

The tour is accompanied by a bilingual guide who will guide you from the Church to the waters to the Sanctuary of Monserrate, ahhh but it is not finished.

They will also learn from the #Historia #Flora #Fauna #Myths #Leyendas gastronomy that they will taste of the region

Duration of the tour 3 hours

Includes: Bilingual Guide - 1 Coca drink - coordinator #Aecolombia


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